HubSpot SEO Training Course


Hubspot is a marketing business offering tools and resources for businesses and individuals for sales and services. Lucky you, they use this expertise to make a free course as well!

This course is for people with an understanding of SEO and covers topics like topic clusters, search authority, link building and blogging to get yourself ranking up towards the top of Google.

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SEMRush SEO Course


SEMRush is known for their authority on SEO and all SEO related tools and topics. They are very well known and know what they are talking about in this free course.

Covering topics like crawling your website and HTTPS issues, you should know some SEO stuff before trying to use the tools provided here. If you are wanting to learn how to optimize an already existing website and to fix problems, then this is a valuable resource. You can also get a certificate at the end, which looks professional when talking to customers!

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