Yoast Basics SEO Course


Yoast is a major provider of SEO tools, support, resources and more. They believe in open source and want SEO for Everyone. Because of this, they are a wonderful resource for those just starting out and trying to figure out SEO. 

This course is designed with the complete beginner in mind and goes over fundamentals and very basic search engine optimizing technicalities. We definitely recommend starting here if you are just now taking the dive in search engine optimization.

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ClickMinded Mini SEO Course


This is a resource created for individuals wanting to learn about SEO and large business frameworks. 

Created by a manager of larger businesses like Airbnb and PayPal, you'll learn fundamentals to get you started and set up on your website. Once the course is over, it also steers you towards other resources to further your education based on what you want to do.

We recommend this is you are trying to set up your business website and learning about the SEO side as you do it.

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